Dennis Mathews, Ph.D.

Dennis Mathews, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor

Educational Background:

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1988, Plant Pathology
M.A., Indiana University-Bloomington, 1982, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
B.A., Indiana University-Bloomington, 1976, Chemistry                                          

Current Research Interests:

Molecular genetic aspects of the plant growth regulator cytokinin. Cross-talk between cytokinin and other plant growth regulators. Functional genomics of transcription factors regulated by cytokinin.


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Cheng, C. Y., D. E. Mathews, G. Eric Schaller and J. J. Kieber (2013). "Cytokinin-dependent specification of the functional megaspore in the Arabidopsis female gametophyte." Plant J 73(6): 929-940.

Argyros, R. D., D. E. Mathews, Y. H. Chiang, C. M. Palmer, D. M. Thibault, N. Etheridge, D. A. Argyros, M. G. Mason, J. J. Kieber and G. E. Schaller (2008). "Type B response regulators of Arabidopsis play key roles in cytokinin signaling and plant development." Plant Cell 20(8): 2102-2116.

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Mason, M. G., J. Li, D. E. Mathews, J. J. Kieber and G. E. Schaller (2004). "Type-B response regulators display overlapping expression patterns in Arabidopsis." Plant Physiol 135(2): 927-937.

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