Thomas D. Lee, Ph.D.

Thomas D. Lee, Ph.D.

Graduate Program Coordinator, Associate Professor


  • Effects of sheep grazing on vegetation under power lines. Merck Foundation. Co-P.I. with J. Taylor.
  • Effects of sheep grazing on vegetation under power lines. Prospect Hill Foundation. Co-P.I. with J. Taylor.
  • Effects of mowing on vegetation under power lines. Public Service Company of New Hampshire, Hooksett, N.H., Co-P.I. with J. Taylor.
  • Disturbance regimes and succession in pitch pine and transition hardwoods forests: implications for management of biodiversity. NH Agricultural Experiment Station. McIntire-Stennis Project #40. Co-P.I. with R. T. Eckert.
  • Population structure and community dynamics of Atlantic white cedar in New Hampshire. Privately funded by C. Brown. 1998-2002.


  • 1980 Ph.D. University of Illinois
  • 1976 M.S. University of Alberta
  • 1973 B.S. State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Teaching Responsibilities

  • NR 527: Forest Ecology
  • NR 650: Principles of Conservation Biology
  • NR 765/865: Community Ecology
  • NR 783/883: Forest Communities of New Hampshire

Excellence in Teaching Award 2005

Selected Publications

Lee, T.D. and F.A. Bazzaz. 1980. Effects of defoliation and competition on growth and reproduction in an annual plant Abutilon theophrasti. Journal of Ecology 68:813-821.

Lee, T.D. and F.A. Bazzaz. 1982. Regulation of fruit and seed production in an annual legume, Cassia fasciculata. Ecology 63:1363-1373.

Lee, T.D. and F.A. Bazzaz. 1986. Maternal regulation of fecundity: non-random ovule abortion in Cassia fasciculata. Oecologia 68:459-465.

Lee, T.D. 1988. Patterns of fruit and seed production. Chapter 9 in J. Lovett Doust and L. Lovett Doust (eds.) Plant reproductive ecology: patterns and strategies. Oxford University Press, New York.

Martin, M.E. and T.D. Lee. 1993. Self-pollination and resource availability affect ovule abortion in Cassia fasciculata. Oecologia 94:503-509.

McClure, J. W. and T. D. Lee. 1993. Small scale disturbance in a northern hardwoods forest: effects on tree species abundance and distribution. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 23:1347-1360.

Eckert, R. T., R. J. Kohut, J. A. Laurence, T. D. Lee, and P. S. King. 1995. An approach to detecting ozone injury in remote areas using controlled exposure studies and indicator species. In: Herman, T. B., S. Bondrup-Nielsen, J. H. Martin Willison, N. W. P. Munro (eds.) Ecosystem monitoring and protected areas: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Science and Management of Protected Areas, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia. Science and Management of Protected Areas Association, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Demers, J. D., T. D. Lee and J. P. Barrett. 1998. Substrate type and the distribution of sugar maple at its elevational limit in the White Mountains, New Hampshire. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 28:494-498.

McClure, J. W., T. D. Lee, and W. B. Leak. 2000. Gap capture in northern hardwoods. Forest Ecology and Management 127:181-189.

Lord, L. and T. D. Lee. 2001. Interactions of local and regional processes: species richness in tussock sedge communities. Ecology 82(2):313-318.

Howard, L. F. and T. D. Lee. 2002. Upland old-field succession in southeastern New Hampshire. The Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 129(1):60-76.

Howard, L. F. and T. D. Lee. 2003. Temporal patterns of vascular plant species diversity in southeastern New Hampshire forests. Forest Ecology and Management 185:5-20.

Frappier, B., R. T. Eckert, and T. D. Lee. 2003. Potential impacts of the invasive exotic shrub Rhamnus frangula L. (glossy buckthorn) on forests of southern New Hampshire. Northeastern Naturalist 10:277-296.

Frappier, B., T. D. Lee, K. F. Olson, and R. T. Eckert. 2003. Small-scale invasion pattern, spread rate, and lag-phase behavior of Rhamnus frangula L. Forest Ecology and Management 186:1-6.

Selected Service Activities

  • Graduate Council, 1997-2003
  • UNH Advisory Committee on Land and Property Use, 2001-present (chair)
  • UNH Committee on Real Property Acquisition and Disposal, 2001-present
  • New Hampshire Living Legacy Project, 1996-present
  • Reviewer of manuscripts: American Journal of Botany, American Naturalist, Ecology, Rhodora, American Midland Naturalist, Vegetation, Northwest Science, Wetlands, Northeast Naturalist
  • Associate Editor: Rhodora, 1999-present
  • Oyster River Watershed Association (vice president, 2002-present)
Tom Lee
James Hall, Room G05
Durham, NH 03824