James F Haney, Ph.D.

James F Haney, Ph.D.


I am interested in the food web relationships of freshwater communities, the role of diel rhythms, and comparative limnology of temperate, tropical and arctic regions. Currently, I have research projects in three areas of freshwater ecology.


  1. Cyanobacteria and biotoxins in lakes
  2. Trophic interactions and diel behaviors of aquatic invertebrates
  3. Lake management and the factors regulating water quality in New Hampshire lakes

Selected Publications

Haney, J.F. A. Craggy, K. Kimball, and F. Weeks. 1990. Light control of the vertical migration of Chaoborus punctipennuslarvae. Limnol. Oceanogr. 35(5):1064-1074.

Forsyth, D.J.,J.F. Haney, and M.R. James. 1992. Direct observation of toxic effects of cyanobacterial extacellular products of Daphnia. Hydrobiologia 228:151-155.

Haney, J.F. 1993. Environmental control of diel vertical migration behavior. Arch. Hydrobiol. Beih. 39:1-17.

Haney, J.F., D.J. Forsyth and M.R. James. 1994. Inhibition of zooplankton filtering rate by dissolved inhibitors produced by naturally occuring cyanobacteria. Arch. Hydrobiol. 132: 1-3.

Haney, J.F. 1995. Effects of products released by Aphanizomenon flose-aquaeand purified saxitoxin on the movements of Daphnia carinatafeeding appendages. Limnol. Oceanogr. 40 (2): 263-272.

James Haney Professor of Biological Sciences Department
Spaulding Hall
Durham, NH 03824