Jeff Garnas, Ph.D.

Jeff Garnas, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


  • Evolutionary ecology in forested ecosystems, especially as related to novel interactions between native and introduced insects and microbes.
  • Population and community ecology of forest insects, fungi and trees with specific focus on the European woodwasp, Sirex noctilio, and other bark and wood boring insects
  • Patterns and drivers of community diversity and composition across diverse taxa using traditional sampling and high-throughput (NextGen) sequencing tools and analysis
  • Population genetics of forest insects; reconstructing and understanding patterns and consequences of complex global movement and spread of invasive species


  • 2009 Ph.D. Ecology and Evolution, Dartmouth College
  • 2005 M.S. Ecology and Evolution, University of Maine
  • 1999 B.A. Psychology, University of Colorado, Boulder


  • NR 506: Forest Entomology
  • NR 782/882: Monitoring Forest Health

Prospective Students 

Undergraduate field/lab technician position available for Summer 2018.  Contact for details


Selected Publications

Olivier-Espejel S, Hurley BP, Garnas JR. Assessment of beetle diversity, community composition and potential threats to forestry using kairomone-baited traps. Bulletin of Entomological Research. In press.

Wondafrash M, Slippers B, Garnas J, Roux G, Foit J, Langor DW, Hurley BP (2016) Identification and genetic diversity of two invasive Pissodes spp. Germar (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) in their introduced range in the Southern Hemisphere. Biol. Invasions:1-15.

Garnas JR, Auger-Rozenberg M-A, Roques A, Bertelsmeier C, Wingfield MJ, Saccaggi DL, Roy HE, Slippers B (2016) Complex patterns of global spread in invasive insects: eco-evolutionary and management consequences. Biol. Invasions 18:935-952

Wingfield MJ, Garnas JR, Hajek A, Hurley BP, De Beer ZW, Taerum SJ (2016) Novel and co-evolved associations between insects and microorganisms as drivers of forest pestilence. Biol. Invasions 18:1045-1056

Roques A, Auger-Rozenberg M-A, Blackburn TM, Garnas J, Pyšek P, Rabitsch W, Richardson DM, Wingfield MJ, Liebhold AM, Duncan RP (2016) Temporal and interspecific variation in rates of spread for insect species invading Europe during the last 200 years. Biol. Invasions 18:907-920

Hurley BP, Garnas J, Wingfield MJ, Branco M, Richardson DM, Slippers B (2016) Increasing numbers and intercontinental spread of invasive insects on eucalypts. Biol. Invasions 18:921-933

Hui, C., D. M. Richardson, P. Landi, H. O. Minoarivelo, J. Garnas, and H. E. Roy. 2016. Defining invasiveness and invasibility in ecological networks. Biological Invasions 18:971-983

Hajek AE, Hurley BP, Kenis M, Garnas JR, Bush SJ, Wingfield MJ, Lenteren JCV, Cock MJW (2016) Exotic biological control agents: a solution or contribution to arthropod invasions? Biol. Invasions 18:953-969

Garnas J.R., Groden E., and F.A. Drummond (2014). Mechanisms of competitive displacement of native ant fauna by invading Myrmica rubra (Hymenoptera:Formicidae). Environmental Entomology, Published online: DOI: 10.1603/EN14079.

Wooding, A. L., M. J. Wingfield, B. P. Hurley, J. R. Garnas, P. de Groot, and B. Slippers. 2013. Lack of fidelity revealed in an insect-fungal mutualism after invasion. Biology Letters 9:1-4.

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Lantschner, M. V., J. M. Villacide, J. R. Garnas, P. Croft, A. J. Carnegie, A. M. Liebhold, and J. C. Corley. 2013. Temperature explains variable spread rates of the invasive woodwasp Sirex noctilio in the Southern Hemisphere. Biological Invasions 16:329-339.

Kemler, M., J. Garnas, M. J. Wingfield, M. Gryzenhout, K. A. Pillay, and B. Slippers. 2013. Ion Torrent PGM as tool for fungal community analysis: A case study of endophytes in Eucalyptus grandis reveals high taxonomic diversity. PLoS ONE 8:e81718.

Garnas, J. R., D. R. Houston, M. P. Ayres, and C. Evans. 2012. Disease ontogeny overshadows effects of climate and species interactions on population dynamics in a nonnative forest disease complex. Ecography 35:412-421.

Garnas, J. R., M. P. Ayres, A. Liebhold, and C. Evans. 2011. Subcontinental impacts of an invasive tree disease on forest structure and dynamics. Journal of Ecology 99:532–541.

Dukes, J. S., J. Pontius, D. Orwig, J. R. Garnas, et al. 2009. Responses of insect pests, pathogens, and invasive plant species to climate change in the forests of northeastern North America: What can we predict? Can. J. For. Res. 39:231-248.


Jeff Garnas
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