Ryan Dickson

Ryan Dickson

Extension Professor/Specialist, Greenhouse Management and Technologies


Ryan joined the University of New Hampshire in 2016 as Extension State Specialist for Greenhouse Management and Technologies. He has a split appointment between Cooperative Extension (60%) and the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture (30% research/10% teaching). Before coming to the University of New Hampshire, Ryan spent time as a bedding plant grower and propagator at a commercial greenhouse operation in Colorado.

Research and extension:

My program focuses on conducting applied research and providing extension for the greenhouse horticulture industry in New England and across the United States. My goal through extension is to shorten the gap between research and the end producer, delivering science-based knowledge to greenhouse operations to ensure their success and profitability. Areas of focus for applied research include plant nutrition and pH management, irrigation and water treatment, hydroponics, and sustainable production of edible and ornamental greenhouse crops.

Select publications:

Dickson, R.W., Fisher, P.R., and Padhye, S. 2017. Evaluating calibrachoa (Calibrachoa × hybrida Cerv.) genotype sensitivity to iron deficiency at high substrate-pH. HortScience. In press.

Dickson, R.W., Fisher, P.R., Argo, W.R., Jacques, D.J., Sartain, J.B., Trenholm, L.E. and Yeager, T.H. 2016. Solution Ammonium: Nitrate ratio and cation/anion uptake affect acidity or basicity with floriculture species in hydroponics. Scientia Horticulturae, 200, 36-44.

Fisher, P.R., Dickson, R.W., Mohammad-Pour, G.S. and Huang, J. 2013. Effect of solution electrical conductivity (EC) and pre-plant nutrient form on the pH of a peat-perlite substrate. International Symposium on Growing Media and Soilless Cultivation. 1034, 249-254.