Drew Conroy, Ph.D.

Drew Conroy, Ph.D.


Drew Conroy with two cowsI bring a global perspective to the Thompson School, yet was raised on a dairy farm and later a livestock farm in New Hampshire.  I am broadly trained in agriculture with 28 years of teaching experience and I am passionate about using ruminant animals to feed the world.  As a registered professional animal scientist for beef cattle and dairy cattle, I teach food Animal and Dairy Courses, including the well-known UNH CREAM course (Cooperative Real Education in Agricultural Management). In addition, I frequently guest lecture on topics ranging from Environmental Conservation and Ecotourism to Anthroplogy and Environmental Law. 

I have done research on lameness in intensively raised dairy cattle, animal traction in Africa and the United States, as well as land use change and pastoralism in East Africa.  I mentored numerous undergraduate students studying in Africa and also students doing research at the University of New Hampshire's Fairchild Teaching and Research Center,  as well as the UNH organic dairy farm.

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As one of the foremost authorities on draft oxen in the United States, I have written 3 books, over 100 articles, produced educational videos and conducted workshops on the subject of ox training, yoking and using oxen in both historic and contemporary settings.  I have also served as consultant to the movie industry and been an animal wrangler for films such as "The Crucible" and "In Search of the Oregon Trail".

Drew Conroy with a student in Africa, elephants in the background.

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Finally, I have worked with the cooperative extension on a variety of issues and have conducted extension training in forage crops, livestock and dairy cattle management, youth development and animal traction.  I have worked with extension agents and farmers in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America.

Drew's Teaching Specialties:

My teaching at the Thompson School includes Large Animal Behavior and Handling, Forage and Grassland Management, Dairy Herd Management, CREAM (Cooperative Real Education in AgriculturalManagement), Dairy Selection and Dairy Cattle Diseases, Supervised teaching Experience and The Integrated Agriculture Management Capstone.

Drew's Interests and Hobbies:

Drew Conroy teaching in the field My family and I operate a small diversified grass based farm where we raise cattle,sheep and chickens, which keeps me actively engaged with the local agricultural community.  I frequently judge cattle and other livestock at agricultural fairs and events.  My farm experience allows me to bring many examples to my teaching and outreach activities.  I am the former Vice Chair of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy and the past President of the American Milking Devon Cattle Association.

Drew's Advice for First Year Students:

Be a good manager of your time. You will likely have more free time than you have ever had in your life your first semester.  Balancing classes, homework, friends and fun is something you should learn as quickly as possible.

Student Research Support:

Research Article by Galina Kinsella: Effects of Audible Human Disturbances on Koala (Phascolarctos Cinereus) Behavior in Queensland, Australia and Implications for Management

Research Article by Alicia Walsh: Diet Analysis for Wildlife Management: Protecting the Cheetah in Namibia.

Research Article by Alison Jeffrey: Social Behavior and Personality Patterns of Captive African Elephants

Research Article by Elisabeth Wise: Using Radio Telemetry and Geographic Information Systems to Map and Estimate the Home Range Size and Daily Movement Patterns of Female Cheetahs on Namibia's Commercial Farmland


Drew Conroy teaching at the Fairchild Dairy

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