Zoology Minor

The Zoology Minor is designed to provide a general introduction to animals and their ecology, while requiring in-depth knowledge of the diversity of at least one group, a course dealing with animal structure, behavior, or physiology, and an animal-focused course at the 500 or higher level of the student’s choice.
The minor consists of five courses: BIOL 412 (Introductory Biology: Evolution, Biodiversity, and Ecology), BIOL 541 (General Ecology) being both required; one animal survey course; one course in basic animal structure, physiology, or behavior; and one elective animal-focused course at the 500 level or higher. Students interested in the minor should consult with the Zoology minor advisor before their senior year, and to ensure that their course plan will ensure success.
Zoology Minor                                
5 courses
1) BIOL 412 - Introductory Biology: Evolution, Biodiversity, and Ecology

2) BIOL 541 - General Ecology

3) one animal survey course from this list:
MEFB 527 [Aquatic Animal Diversity],
NR 712 [Mammalogy],
ZOOL 542 [Ornithology],
ZOOL 628 [Marine Invertebrate Ecology & Evolution],
ZOOL 710 [Ichthyology],
ZOOL 745 [Biology & Biodiversity of Insects]

4) One of the following courses
ZOOL 518 (Vertebrate Morphology)
ZOOL 529 Developmental Biology
ZOOL 613 Animal Behavior
ZOOL 628 Animal Physiology
ZOOL 690 Evolution

5) one additional animal-focused course at the 600 level or higher chosen from the courses above.

The minimum acceptable grade in these courses is a C-; the average grade for these courses must be a C or better.
For advice on course selection, students should contact the minor advisor before their junior year, Jim Haney (603) 862-2105, or the Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences, (603) 862-3205.

Questions? Contact:

James F Haney, Ph.D.

Spaulding Hall
Durham, NH 03824

Charlotte S. Cooper

Administrative Assistant III
Spaulding Hall, 117
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 862-3205