Neuroscience and Behavior B.S.

As one undergraduate recently said, “Brains have fascinated me since I was five.” The discipline of neuroscience and behavior will satisfy such students as well as those who have been equally fascinated by animals and their ways.


Majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior provides:

  • A solid foundation in biology, chemistry, physics, statistics, neuroscience and animal behavior
  • Many choices for advanced courses (electives) in animal cognition, neurobiology of mood disorders, visual perception, behavioral ecology, endocrinology and many others
  • Opportunities to gain hands-on research experience through formal or informal projects in faculty member's laboratories
  • Preparation for life after graduation: graduate school, professional school, employment in academic or industry research labs, or government labs

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Careers for neuroscience and behavior majors

Doctor Dentist
Veterinarian Physician's assistant
Laboratory technician Neuropsychologist
Animal trainer Behavior specialist
Pharmaceutical careers Veterinarian assistant
Wildlife manager Science writer
Teacher Curator

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