MEFB Courses

  • For course numbers and detailed descriptions, see the UNH course catalog and the Shoals Marine Laboratory credit course listing
  • MEFB courses are offered through several different departments: course prefixes will vary (MEFB, PBIO, ZOOL, DBS, ESCI, NR, KIN, TECH, etc.)
  • Most of these courses can be used to fulfill major or elective requirements; see checklist
  • Not all courses are taught every semester; check UNH Time and Room Schedule and the Shoals Marine Laboratory schedule for current offerings.
  • Note: This general list does not guarantee that a listed course is currently being offered, nor that an unlisted course is inappropriate for the MEFB major. Please see the links above for up-to-date information about specific courses.
On Campus:  
Marine, Estuarine and Freshwater Biology Seminar (for freshmen) Biological Oceanography
Introduction to Marine Biology Physical Oceanography
Marine Ecology Biogeochemistry
Marine Invertebrate Evolution and Ecology Lake Ecology
Zooplankton Ecology Field Studies in Lake Ecology
Aquatic Invasive Species Lake Management
Ichthyology Freshwater Resources
Physiology of Fish Watershed Water Quality Management
Aquaculture Wetland Ecology and Management
Fisheries Biology Stream Ecology
Introduction to Marine Botany Public Health and Waterborne Diseases
Microscopic Algae Ocean Research Projects
Algal Physiology Basic SCUBA
Marine Phycology Research Diving Techniques
Aquatic Higher Plants in Restoration, Management, and Conservation Advanced SCUBA
Introduction to Oceanography Estuarine Ecology (summer)
Dynamics of Global Ocean Ecosystems Ocean Ecosystem Fluxes and Dynamics
Physical Oceanography Environmental Microbiology
Experimental Design and Analysis Lab  


Tropical Coastal Plant Ecology (Grenada, West Indies)  
Shoals Marine Laboratory (summer only):  
Investigative Marine Biological Laboratory Field Marine Invertebrate Biology
Field Introductory Oceanography Field Ornithology
Ecology and the Marine Environment Sustainable Fisheries
Marine Mammal Biology Coastal Habitat Field Research Methods
Evolution and Marine Diversity Underwater Research
Marine Environmental Science and Conservation Anatomy & Function of Marine Vertebrates