Transfer Students

Could I transfer into the Biology Major from another major at another school?

Yes, provided that you meet the academic qualifications for the University of New Hampshire and if we have openings in the Biology Major. Class sizes are kept at a certain level so that students do not experience course access problems.

How many credits will UNH take?

If you are transferring from an accredited school, UNH will transfer in a maximum of 96 credit hours.

When can I apply?

You need to submit your transfer application by March 1st for September admission and by November 1st for January admission.

How can I find out which courses satisfy the Biology major requirements as well as the University's Discovery Requirements?

The initial evaluation of transfer courses and credit is made by the Admissions Office. Transfer credit is awarded for courses that are completed with a grade of "C" or better and are equivalent to courses offered at the University. Semester credits and course units are accepted at the value placed on each course by the sending institution. Quarter hour credits are converted to the semester hour according to the formula: One quarter hour equals 2/3 semester hour (1 Q.H. = 2/3 S.H.). Transferred courses that can be used to satisfy Discovery Program requirements are determined by the Admissions Office. Your advisor will determine which courses meet major program requirements. Courses that are not chosen to meet Discovery or Biology Major requirements will be applied toward meeting the 128 credits needed for graduation.