Biology faculty conduct research on a broad range of topics and welcome undergraduates in the Biology Major as well as other majors into their labs. Undergraduates who are interested in gaining hands-on experience should have a good GPA and sufficient time in their schedules to devote to laboratory work or field work. Interested in getting involved in a lab?

First, look at the Department of Biological Sciences Faculty webpage to find out the research areas and current projects of the Biology faculty – anything catch your interest?

Second, explore UNH’s options: 

  • Are you curious and simply want to “dip your toes in” as a volenteer, or explore what research is all about?  (variable credit), Student Research Experience, is a great place to start.
  • Would you consider getting paid to conduct research over the summer?  A Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) may be for you. [].
  • Looking for 1 to 4 credits for conducting research during the academic year?  An Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) ) [] or BIOL 795 (Independant Investigations) may be ideal for you.
  • Do you love to travel?  SURF-Abroad or an International Research Opportunities Program (IROP) grant is a way to get a research and cultural experience at the same time. 

Third, make an appointment to talk with one or more faculty whose research grabs your interest.  A simple “I’m curious about your work, and I might want to try my hand at research – can you tell me more?” is a great place to start.  Once you learn more about ongoing projects, the two of you can explore which of the options might be right for you.