Biology Minor

Biology Minor

The Biology Minor is designed to give students a broad background in basic biological theories and processes, while providing experiences in ecology, evolution, and organismal diversity.

Students must take BIOL 411-412 plus three additional courses in the biological sciences: either BIOL 541 or ZOOL 690 (both are writing intensive), and two courses dealing with organismal surveys: one must focus on animals, and the other on plants or fungi. The minimum acceptable grade in these courses is a C-, and the average grade for these courses must be a C or better.

  •         Animal survey courses are: MEFB 527; ZOOL 542, 628, 710, 745; NR 712
  •         Plant survey courses are: BIOL 566, MEFB 525; MEFB 722          
  •         Fungus survey course: BIOL 752

Students interested in a biology major or minor should contact Dr. Donald S. Chandler, Spaulding 266, 862-1735,


Questions? Contact:

Donald S. Chandler, Ph.D.

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