Biology B.S.

The Biology Major is designed to provide a strong, broad background in biological sciences to students interested in careers or simply an education in the biological sciences. The Major in Biology integrates both theoretical and practical (hands-on laboratory and field work) aspects into courses that treat the biology and biodiversity of animals, microbes, and plants. Our curriculum is designed to reflect the diversity of biological systems in nature. It encompasses the study of structural and functional relationships of living organisms at the molecular, cellular, and organismal level; the interactions of the living systems with the environment and with each other; and the evolutionary relationships of the major forms of life. Our goal is to create a integrative environment for those with a scholarly interest in the biological sciences, and to extend their understanding, awareness, and appreciation of the diversity inherent to the biological sciences. The Major in Biology  is aimed at promoting excellence in biological science education by involving undergraduate students in a strong interaction with their faculty both in the classroom and research laboratories, and in encouraging the development of quality undergraduate involvement with their topics of interest.

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