Biological Sciences: Marine Biology - PHD

This option is intended for students interested in marine, coastal, and estuarine ecosystems, and the organisms that inhabit them, at all levels of inquiry. Some faculty at UNH study/use marine organisms as model systems for learning about molecular phylogeny, cellular metabolism, cancer and neurobiology, and others are more interested in the structure and function of marine ecosystems. Some faculty members focus primarily on basic research; others work in more applied areas such as aquaculture and fisheries; many combine the two. Students who have earned advanced degrees at UNH have gone on to lead agencies involved in managing valuable marine resources, teach marine biology at other universities and colleges, own their own aquaculture companies, or earn a living conducting research in marine sciences. In addition to on-campus facilities, UNH owns the Coastal Marine Laboratory and the Jackson Estuarine Laboratory, and a range of vessels associated with each laboratory. UNH has an excellent SCUBA diving program for students interested in becoming certified to dive as part of their research. The Marine Biology option is also affiliated with UNH’s School of Marine Sciences and Ocean Engineering ( Link to UNH Graduate School program description>>>

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