Biological Sciences: Integrative and Organismal Biology- MS

This option offers a home to students interested in basic organismal biology in all of its diverse aspects (physiology, neurobiology, cell biology, genetics, evolution, ecology, systematics, etc.), in both terrestrial and aquatic environments. Modern biology employs approaches and tools ranging from molecular to ecological levels to gain a deep understanding of organismal functions and adaptations. Students in IOB approach their studies with a focus on organisms, and apply whatever tools are necessary to answer thematic and specific questions. Students interested in combining hands-on biological projects with research on teaching and learning biology at the post-secondary level should choose this option, unless their intended projects have a specifically agricultural or marine focus. Students completing degrees in IOB will be prepared for a wide range of professional careers in animal and/or plant biology, whether in academia, government, research, or non-profit organizations. Link to UNH Graduate School program description >>>

Questions? Contact:

Daniel Howard, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
G32 Spaulding Hall
Lab: G55

Diane F. Lavalliere

Senior Academic/Student Support Assistant
Spaulding 117
Durham, NH 03824