Alina Harris, MS Student

Biological Sciences: Agricultural Sciences - MSAlina Harris

Dr. Becky Sideman and Dr. Iago Hale

Integrated Organic Management of Cabbage Aphid on Brussels Sprouts and Germplasm Screening of Crimson Clover in the North East

My topics of passion are diversity in agroecosystems and integrated systems approach to farm management. I earned my Bachelor’s degree as one of the first Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production Systems majors at UNH in 2012.  My studies encompass both animal and plant agriculture and their relationships in the agricultural system.

I currently have two research projects underway.  The first aims to aims to find an integrated organic approach to managing cabbage aphid on Brussels sprouts which utilizes and evaluates biological and chemical pest management strategies in conjunction.  Insectary habitat plants are used to establish and host a population of natural predators and parasitoids of the cabbage aphid.

My second research project is a germplasm screening of crimson clover in collaboration with the Legume Cover Crop Breeding program.  Crimson clover can be utilized as both a cover crop as a well as a forage crop for large animals and pollinators.  60 accessions of crimson clover cover crop are being evaluated for regional adaptation.  We are most interested in the winter hardiness or winter survival trait and overall vigor in the springtime.  This research offers alternatives to the limited options of winter hardy cover crops in the North East.