Careers in Integrated Agriculture Management

a team of horses pulling logs through the snow

Graduates of the Integrated Agriculture Management program (IAG) have many options available to them after graduation.  Many students choose to continue their education toward a four year degree program here at UNH or elsewhere.  Others move directly into a career.  Graduates will be able to choose from a large number of opportunities across an array of fields.

Employment Areas

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Fruit and vegetable production
  • Livestock production
  • Community-supported agriculture 
  • Value-added agriculture products
  • Sustainable forest management
  • Soil/water/forest conservations
  • Cooperative extension
  • Organic certification
  • Diversified farm management
  • greenhouse production
  • Sustainable landscape construction and maintenance
  • Forest technican
  • Dairy management
  • Business management

A number of current students will return to family farms with new information and insight on determining the future of their lands and enterprises as the world changes. Graduates are encouraged to consider transferring into the baccalaureate program in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems.

*The representation is sourced from the federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The website links are provided as a guide and do not represent a complete picture of a chosen career field or geographic area. To garner a thorough understanding of an industry of choice, researching multiple sources and speaking with professionals in the field is recommended.

Median salary data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is the median for all employed in the field and not entry level salary.