Careers in Horticulture Technology

students installing landscape lighting features

With the horticultural products and services industry increasing in size every year, Horticultural Technology students are preparing themselves for a career in a rapidly expanding profession.  It's a great time to "go green"!  Career paths include garden center, flower shop, nursery manager, floral designer, fruit or vegetable crop manager, landscape designer, landscape maintenance or golf course manager.  Many students also choose to continue their education, either here at the Thompson School or in a 4 year program.  Students have the option to pursue a third year of study to gain a second concentration in Applied Business Management.  If all courses have been met for their first concentration in Horticultural Technology, students should be able to gain their second concentration in only one extra year of study.  This opportunity is especially helpful for students who plan on operating their own business.  Other options at UNH include transfer to a four year program in the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture or other college to gain a complementary degree.

Career Paths for Landscape Construction Management Graduates:

Our graduates find positions ranging from entry-level to supervisory in private landscaping firms, garden centers, nurseries, golf courses, schools and colleges, hospitals, government complexes, parks, botanical gardens and many commercial businesses.  Many go on to launch their own landscape companies, while others continue their education toward a 4-year degree in areas such as landscape architecture, parks and recreation, plant and soil science, environmental science or business management.

Career Paths for Plant Production Graduates:

Graduates of the Plant Production concentration enter the work force with the knowledge, technical skills and experience to move rapidly through positions of increasing responsibility. They find excellent employment opportunities in greenhouse crop production, floral design, nursery and garden center management.  Some go on to own floriculture or related businesses while others have opted to continue their education at the baccalaureate level.