Faculty Excellence
Dr. Drew Conroy
Award Type: 
TSAS Excellence in Teaching



Imagine a class setting in a barn with a blue sky, a brisk wind, clouds of breath coming from the animals and students leaning in to hear what the faculty member has to say, and then you will know what it is like to be in a class with Drew Conroy. A Professor of Applied Animal Science, he is equally passionate and enthusiastic about his discipline and his undergraduate students. Dr. Drew, as his students call him, expects his students to experience their newly acquired knowledge and to develop their understanding through practical applications in the barn, on field trips and in the classrooms. He believes in order to fully grasp the content and the discipline, the students have to live the academic concepts and theories in a real world setting.

As one student wrote in his nomination, "what differs is what I call the 'Drew teaching style' incorporating an enthusiasm like none I've ever seen. Drew keeps his class fully engaged, sometimes even through dramatic cow reenactments creating a classroom environment where participation is fun, easy and expected (you won't go unnoticed). Another aspect to his teaching style is his consideration of your effort. If you are struggling and you decide to put in the extra work, Drew will gladly match your efforts. He will give back to you everything you give to him."

By: Regina A. Smick-Attisano, Executive Director, Thompson School of Applied Science