Faculty Excellence
Drew Conroy, Ph.D.
Award Type: 
Alumni Association Excellence in Public Service Award

Professor of Applied Animal Science


In a remote corner of Africa, a poor farmer becomes wealthy when he sells a prized pair of oxen. In rural Cuba, a family’s ox team can plow more land for more crops, giving the family a chance to reliably feed itself.

And in Durham, New Hampshire, a college student rises before a winter’s dawn to shovel manure, tend cows, and learn about research that is changing the business of agriculture.

People the world over appreciate the work of Drew Conroy, and for good reason: It helps them put food on the table. “I’m passionate about using ruminant animals to feed the world,” says Conroy, who began teaching at UNH in 1990. “And my work in this field is as all-encompassing as the other great research and outreach you find at UNH.”