Faculty Excellence
Chuck Walker, Ph.D.
Award Type: 
Jean Brierley Award for Excellence in Teaching

Professor of Zoology


"I don't know how you can talk about biology and not make it interesting," says Walker. Apparently, neither do his students. Each semester they haul themselves out of bed for introductory biology; put themselves through "cell hell," the nickname for the upper–level cell and molecular biology course Walker co–teaches with colleague Wayne Fagerberg; and line up to work in his labs that overflow with students: high school, undergraduate, graduate, and post–doctoral all finding a welcome place in Walker's world.

Lesley Kennedy '83 has spent 24 years as a science educator at the Museum of Science in Boston. She often thinks back on how Walker influenced her career. "The most important thing was that he gave me the opportunity to do original research as an undergraduate," recalls Kennedy. "I was totally immersed in what is now a buzz word in school science circles—inquiry!"