Faculty Excellence
Gale Carey, Ph.D.
Award Type: 
Jean Brierley Award for Excellence in Teaching

Professor of Nutritional Sciences


Carey, professor of animal and nutritional sciences, enjoys worldwide recognition in the field of metabolism. She has authored dozens of scientific papers on the way in which lifestyles, especially diet and exercise, influence fat tissue and metabolism and our ability to gain and lose weight, down to the cellular level. Her nationally funded studies have earned her invitations to speak at international conferences from Chicago to Copenhagen.

But this doesn't explain why Carey is addressing the students on this day. She is here because she has earned the reputation as one of the University’s most prodigious mentors of student researchers—dozens, most of them undergraduates, and many of them women—in her laboratory in Kendall Hall. Today, many remember her tall, elegant figure moving from poster to poster at the recent Undergraduate Research Conference, stopping to chat, ask a few questions, and beam her wide smile as she listens intently to the answers.