Program Costs

Academic Year (2018 to 2019)

The estimated tuition for the 2018-2019 year is below. 

  1. Non-refundable Dietetic Internship Application Fee: $90.00
  2. Charge for Computer Matching through D&D Digital Systems: $50.00
  3. ANTICIPATED: Program Fee: In-state residents: $12,135 (2018-2019 class)
    Out-of-state residents: $13,710 (2018-2019 class)
  4. Typical fee assessed by UNH each term (Summer, Fall and Spring)
    • Memorial Union Fee: $15.00 (each term)
    • Registration Fee: $20.00 (each term)
    • Technology Fee: $23.00 - Summer and $46.00 - Fall and Spring
  5. Other required expenses (estimated):
    • Rent (approximately) per month: $600.00- $1,000.00
    • Textbooks (variable): $300.00
    • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Affiliate Membership: $50.00
    • Lab coat: $50.00
    • Parking Permit (UNH): $50.00-$85.00
    • Car Expenses: Varies
    • Health Insurance: Varies
    • Liability Insurance: $40.00
    • Criminal Background Checks: $60.00

Financial Aid

Interns are generally not eligible for financial aid if they are enrolled in the UNH Dietetic Internship Program. For more information on the status of financial aid eligibility, please contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information (862-3600).

The UNH internship is not able to provide financing, and since this is not a degree granting program, students do not meet the government definition of full time students, though you are engaged in full time learning! Our best suggestion is to look at private banks and lending institutions and we can provide a letter that describes your full time practicum commitments. This has worked in the past but we cannot make guarantees as these are not UNH affiliated programs.

Insurance Information

1. Professional Liability
While working in the institution under the supervision of a preceptor, the intern will be covered for professional practice liability as provided through UNH and its insurance carriers. The student will be billed for this in two installments. One for the summer NUTR 929 and the second to cover the September 2016-May 2017 component of the program.

2. Health Insurance
The intern is responsible for obtaining and providing evidence of personal health insurance and completing the appropriate medical health forms prior to admission into the program.


On-the-job injuries are to be covered by the intern's personal health insurance. Travel either as part of the Internship Program or as commuting time is not covered by the University of New Hampshire and is to be covered by personal auto insurance. Car insurance is the responsibility of the intern as the University assumes no responsibility for travel.