Nutritional Sciences Option

Amy T

  • Do you have a passion for biological sciences? 

  • Can you see yourself becoming a doctor, dentist, nurse, physical therapist, physician's assistant or science researcher? 

  • Are you interested in the "why" behind nutrition and health?

This option may be for you!


The NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES curriculum prepares you for entry into professional schools of medicine, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, or graduate school, or technically-oriented jobs in science. It:

  • provides a comprehensive science background in biology, chemistry, physiology, nutrition, biochemistry and physics.
  • incorporates core nutrition courses in nutritional assessment, life cycle nutrition, nutrition and health, and careers in nutrition.
  • offers individualized guidance for post-graduate and career options.

Interested in the curriculum requirements for the Nutritional Science Option? Click here.

Questions? Contact Mary Katherine Lockwood, Spaulding Life Sciences, Room 260, at (603) 862-0264 or

Questions? Contact:

Mary Katherine Lockwood, Ph.D.

Clinical Associate Professor
Spaulding Life Sciences, Room 260
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 862-0264