Nutrition & Wellness Option

nutritiona and wellness

  • Do you enjoy working with people?

  • Are you motivated to improve the health of children, adults, or the elderly?

  • Is your view of health a holistic one that includes nutrition and exercise, as well as mental and emotional well-being?

This option prepares you for employment in wellness fields in:

  • schools,
  • fitness centers,
  • nonprofit organizations and,
  • community agencies
  • May be for you!
The NUTRITION & WELLNESS curriculum:
  • provides foundational science background in chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and microbiology.
  • allows flexibility to pursue a minor in areas such as kinesiology, business, psychology or health management, or a dual major in an area such as ecogastronomy.
  • incorporates courses in stress, wellness, nutrition education, and exercise science.
  • promotes hands-on experiences in providing nutrition and health guidance.

Interested in the curriculum requirements for the Nutrition and Wellness Option? Click here.

Questions? Contact Ruth A. Reilly, Kendall Hall, Room 121 at (603) 862-2164, or

Questions? Contact:

Ruth Reilly, Ph.D., R.D., L.D.

Clinical Associate Professor
Kendall Hall, Room 121
Durham, NH 03824