DPD Program Costs

A detailed description of costs related to tuition and fees, plus Residence Hall room and board are outlined in the UNH Catalog and online on the UNH website at https://admissions.unh.edu/.

Since costs vary each year, students should refer to the Schedule of Classes for the most up-to-date information related to costs.
Courses which incur a course fee can be found posted next to each course in the Time and Room Schedule.

Additional Dietetic Program Expenses

  • Transportation expenses for field trips, practicum and projects may be incurred for the following courses:
  • NUTR 550 – Food Science
  • NUTR 720 – Community Nutrition
  • NUTR 775 – Practical Applications in Medical Nutrition Therapy
  • Individual course materials, i.e., presentation posters, copying costs, computer disks, etc., should be expected.
  • Membership fees recommended for the program may include the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • Some transportation and meal costs should be expected to attend practical experiences.

Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid, one must go to the Financial Aid Office in Stoke Hall.  Financial aid is usually based on need (family income), which is determined after review of one's family financial form.  Financial aid comes in many forms.  Some financial aid must be paid back (loans) while other aid does not have to be repaid (grants).  Answers to all your financial aid questions can be found at https://www.unh.edu/financialaid