CHANAS Student Research

CHANAS is a wonderful venue for those interested in undergraduate and graduate research projects. Each semester UNH students work as research assistants for the project and, in the process, gain valuable research and clinical skills. A variety of credit-based mechanisms at UNH support this including independent study projects, senior thesis projects, INCO 590, and Research Experience Nutrition I & II. Further, UNH’s Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research offers numerous programs (i.e. UROPs, URAs, and SURFs) to support undergraduate activities involving research like CHANAS. Learn more about getting involved in research here!

Students involved with the CHANAS project have presented their research at regional and national research conferences.


Jordan Badger

alana davis Caroline Connors and Valerie Nesom amy parker

From left to right: Jordan Badger, Alana Davidson, Caroline Connors and Valerie Nesom, and Amy Parker present their undergraduate research posters at the 2015 Undergraduate Research Conference.

Student Presentations

Alana Davidson (B.S., 2017) Food Insecurity Among Undergraduate Students - 2015 Undergraduate Research Conference Award of Excellence - UNH

Caroline Connors (B.S., 2017) and Valerie Nesom (B.S., 2018) Evaluating the Adequacy and Accessibility of Recreation Facilities at UNH

Akaylah Glidden (B.S., 2017), Mary Hammar (B.S., 2018), Brenna Robinson (B.S., 2017), Emily Villeneuve (B.S., 2018) Does the UNH Campus Offer a Healthy Eating Environment?

Amanda Buks (B.S., 2016), Jessica Palmer (B.S., 2016), Taylor Messina (B.S., 2016) Evaluating the Healthfulness of UNH’s Vending Machines

Jordan Badger (B.S., 2016) Does Stage of Change Mediate the Impact of a Motivator to Increase Activity Levels among College Students?

Suzy Hogan (B.S., 2015) Effect of Whole Grain Consumption on Markers of Metabolic Syndrome - 2015 Undergraduate Research Conference Award of Excellence - UNH

Jaclyn Querido (B.S., 2015) How Does Inaccurate Perception of Weight Compared to Actual BMI Status Affect the Diet Score of College Students?

Gabrielle Mele (B.S., 2014) Metabolic Syndrome and Whole Grain Intake in UNH Men and Women.

Kaitlin Dresser (B.S., 2014) Is Protein Supplementation in Male Weight Trainers, ages 18-24, Associated with Increased Lean Body Mass, Upper Body Strength and Dietary Intake?

Mackenzie Gavin (B.S., 2014) The Effect of Parents’ Education Level on Diet Quality.

Amy Parker (B.S., 2014) Early Sleep Midpoints Show Decreased Discretionary to Total Calorie Ratios; Increased Fruit, Water, and Fiber Intake in Young Adult Cohort - 2015 Undergraduate Research Conference Award of Excellence - UNH

Leah Tully (B.S., 2014) - Multivitamin/Mineral Usage, MyPlate Adherence and Diet Quality Among Collge Students - 2013 Undergraduate  Research Conference Award of Excellence - UNH

Christie Mastriano (B.S., 2013) - Multivitamin/Mineral Usage, Body Mass Index and Exercise Among College Student - 2013 Undergraduate Research Conference Award of Excellence – UNH

Litsa Georgakilas (B.S, 2013) – College Students’ Midpoint Sleep Time and Dietary Intake

Danielle Dubois (B.S., 2013) – Binge Drinking, Blood Pressure, and Duration of Physical Activity as Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in College Students

Maggie Donovan (B.S., 2013) – Exploring Weight Maintenance and Perceived Stress in College Students - 2012 Undergraduate Research Conference Award of Excellence - UNH

Laura Mayo (B.S., 2011) - The effects of perceived social support on exercise habits among college students.

Amanda Shumway (B.S., 2011) - Risk of metabolic syndrome in college-age EMTS.

Natalie Delfosse (B.S., 2010)Chronic Disease Risk Factors in College-Aged Adults - 2009 Undergraduate Research Award – UNH

Evelyn Yuen (B.S., 2010) – Physical Activity and Bone Health of College Students - 2010 Undergraduate Research Conference Award of Excellence – UNH, 2009 Undergraduate Research Award – UNH

Jenna Madore (B.S., 2008) – The Association between Chronic Disease Risk Factors and Prescription Medication Use of Young Adults -  2008 Undergraduate Research Conference Award of Excellence – UNH, 2008 Undergraduate Research Award – UNH

Heather Carmichael (B.S., 2008) – Evaluating the Relationship between Body Composition and Physical Activity of College Students - 2007 Oliver J. Hubbard Summer Research Award – UNH

Ginny King (B.S., 2007) – Bone Health in the College-Age Population - 2007 Undergraduate Research Conference Award of Excellence – UNH, 2006 Undergraduate Research Award – UNH