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What are the career options for Nutrition Program graduates?

Dietetics Curriculum students, who complete a post-graduate dietetic internship and pass the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' examination to become a registered dietitian, are eligible for jobs in:

  • hospitals and nursing care facilities.
  • outpatient centers and health practitioner offices.
  • state and local government agencies.
  • food service industries.
  • own their own businesses.
  • consulting to hospitals and care facilities, or dietary counseling to individuals.

Nutritional Sciences Program graduates are well prepared for technically-oriented jobs in:

  • laboratories of medicine,
  • biotechnology,
  • animal care.

Many also pursue further study in graduate, medical or dental school.

    Nutrition and Wellness graduates, who specialize in nutrition and wellness, are eligible for jobs in:

    • schools and fitness centers,
    • nonprofit organizations,
    • community agencies
    • wellness promotion,
    • nutrition education.