ANSC 402 Preregistration

In order to accommodate as many students as possible in as fair a manner as possible, a lottery is held to pre-register students for ANSC 402. Sign-up and registration is a two-part process:

Preregistration for Fall 2018 to be held April 17th & 18th

Part 1: Priority Sign-up: 4/17/18 in the Light Horse Classroom

Sign-up for the registration lottery takes place from 9:00am-2 pm. You do not need to be there the whole time -- only for a minute to sign up and you can drop in at your leisure. Go to the Light Horse Classroom (directions below) and read the sign at the back of the room. It will tell you how to determine your priority number. Once you do this, sign a registration slip and put it in the envelope numbered for that priority group. (It's easy --- the sign will guide you through this.) If you cannot make it there during this time, you can send a friend to do this for you. They need to know if you are an ANSC major and if you have taken ANSC 402 before. We then do a random draw from all those signed up and give out lottery numbers. You need to come back for Registration on Tuesday at 5:15pm in the classroom.

Part 2: Pre-registration: 4/18/18, 5:15pm in the Light Horse Classroom

Pre-registration is when we actually give out the permission slips for classes. This may take an hour or a little more and you may have to be there the whole time, depending upon what your number is. You must be there in person to register. If you can't be there, you will have to wait and see if there are any spots left once the other students have pre-registered that evening.

You will pick up the registration slip you signed the night before, and it will have your lottery number written on it. We will then register students in that order (1 to whatever.) You will also fill out a placement form. When you register, we will read the form and ask you questions about your previous riding experience to help determine the appropriate level class for you. A schedule of the class sections and when they are offered as well as the placement form questions is available HERE. You will also be able to ask any questions at that time. Because this is a very busy time with advising and classes, I may not be able to give individual responses to questions before then.

Directions to the Light Horse Classroom

Drive down Main Street through campus, heading away from the town of Durham. Pass the Whittemore Center (hockey arena) on your right and go over the rail road tracks. Pass the field house and athletic fields (on your left) and the greenhouses (on your right). You will then see the stables go by on your right. Take the next right (about 300 yards after the stables) onto MAST ROAD EXTENSION. About 100 yards after you turn onto Mast Road Extension, there will be a road on the right with a sign that says "Equine Center". DON'T TAKE IT -- that will take you to the breeding barn and that is not where my office is. Instead, stay on the paved road and bear right at the fork just after the dirt road. You will then be on MAST ROAD. In about 300 yards, you will see a red, white and aluminum barricade which dead-ends the road. The driveway to the stable is on the right, just before the barricade. As you turn into the driveway, the end of the stable will be in front of you. There is parking to the left. The paved portion of the driveway then slopes up a small hill on the right. The Light Horse Classroom is in the small white building on the top of that hill. Go in the green door on the right side of the building and the sign up poster will be on your right.

BY BUS: Take the bus to parking services, walk away from campus on Mast Road. Pass Barton and Cole Hall (the Thompson School of Applied Science buildings). Walk past the aluminum barricade. Turn left into the driveway of the stable and follow the directions above.