Environmental Horticulture (Minor)

Environmental Horticulture (Minor)

Natural Resources Environmental Conservation
By completing the minor in Environmental Horticulture, students will gain knowledge of several aspects of horticultural production systems. The required course provides theoretical and applied knowledge in plant science. Students will get more in-depth knowledge by taking additional coursework focused on botany, various crop production systems, or integrated pest management strategies.
Our environmental horticulture students study the science and art of cultivating plants, and the many ways that plants enhance the human experience. The cultivation of fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants is key to solving many of the major challenges facing the world; such as producing food to meet the needs of an ever-growing population while conserving land, water, and soil resources. An understanding of these challenges and potential solutions can enhance any career. A minor in environmental horticulture may complement any major field of study.

Interested students should contact Andrew Ogden in the Department of Agriculture, Nutrition, and Food Systems, (603) 862-4893.


Andrew Ogden

Phone: (603) 862-4893
Office: Agriculture, Nutrition, & Food Systems, Spaulding Hall Rm G44, Durham, NH 03824
Department of Agriculture, Nutrition, and Food Systems
Kendall Hall
129 Main Street
Durham, NH 03824

Curriculum & Requirements

Required Core
SAFS 421Introductory Horticulture4
Select an additional 16 credits of the following:16
BIOL 409
Green Life: Introducing the Botanical Sciences
BIOL 566
Systematic Botany
SAFS 405
Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production
SAFS 410
A Taste of the Tropics
SAFS 601
Fruit Crop Production
SAFS 632
Urban Agriculture
SAFS 651
Plant Pathology
SAFS 679
Food Production Field Experience I (4 cr each)
or SAFS 680
Food Production Field Experience II
SAFS 689
Greenhouse Management and Operation
SAFS 760
Insect Pest Management
SAFS 795
Investigations (Horticulture related topics)
Total Credits20

Up to 8 of the 16 credits may be fulfilled by the following TSAS (Thompson School of Applied Sciences) Horticulture Technology classes:

HT 404
Plant Propagation
HT 427
Greenhouse Operation and Design 1
HT 454
Irrigation Design
HT 460
Sustainable Plant Management
HT 565
Turf Management
HT 572
Landscape Design Studio
HT 576
Greenhouse Crop Production 1

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