Program Completion Requirements and Issuance of Verification Statement

Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences with Dietetic Internship

Successful demonstration and mastery of all components of the Internship portion is required for verification of completion by the MSDI Director, and eligibility to write the registration examination.  It is expected that successful completion of all assigned rotations and all assignments related to individual rotations be completed within 30 days of the date of last rotation for all nutrition related courses, but particularly Nutrition 832 and NUTR 831.  If this requirement is not met, the Intern may be unable to continue with subsequent rotations.  If an extension beyond 30 days is requested (generally due to extenuating medical or personal situations), the request will be reviewed by the MSDI Staff.  It is expected that an additional 45 days may be granted for completion of the Internship work.  Any costs associated with making up missed rotation experiences will be charged to the Intern based on the extra costs and time expended in designing the additional experiences.

Interns must maintain a grade of “B-” or better in major practicum-based courses, and an average rating of satisfactory or better in supervised work experience.  Mastery may also be determined by scores on sample Academy-style tests designed to assess entry-level competency.  We will follow the Graduate School policy of “Graduate students receiving grades below "B-­" in 9 or more credits, including undergraduate courses taken while a graduate student, will be dismissed from the Graduate School.” (  The MSDI reserves the right to deny verification if persistence deficits exist (i.e. inability to perform basic calculations, inability to integrate nutrition care through application, etc.)  Interns must meet the minimum level of competence (defined as a “3” or better) in the rotation’s final evaluation for all ACEND core competencies and program emphasis competencies.  General consensus among staff and preceptors must be that an Intern is successfully mastering Internship competencies at an entry level proficiency: Note: competency mastery is not limited to academic knowledge.  Professional behavior is also a requirement for successful completion of the MSDI.

Criteria for Issuance of Verification Statement

Upon demonstrating successful completion of the program, Interns will be verified by as completing an Accredited Dietetic Internship Program and will receive a certificate showing that they completed their training through the University of New Hampshire. Successful completion of the MSDI enables the Intern to sit for the Registration Examination.

The MSDI Director will issue the Verification Statement after all course rotations, assignments, evaluations, and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics/UNH paperwork have been successfully completed.  The Intern will receive five copies of the Verification Statement, each bearing the original signature of the MSDI Director.  Graduates of the UNH MSDI may request additional copies of the Verification Statement with an original signature by contacting the Nutrition Program, Department of Agriculture, Nutrition and Food Systems, at the University of New Hampshire.