Therapeutic Riding Program's Note to Parents and Enrolled Students

We look forward to working with you this session. Please review the following rules which must be adhered to for a safe, therapeutic environment during lessons. Thank you in advance for cooperating to make this an enjoyable and successful experience for all!

1.  All riders must wear long pants to ride.  Preferably pants that allow freedom of movement in the leg and hip areas.  Riders should wear hard-soled shoes with a heel although sneakers are permitted. ALL RIDERS MUST WEAR APPROVED ASTM-SEI HELMET which will be pre-fitted and assigned to each client during orientation.

2. Should the physical condition of a student change at any time, a new physician's form must be filled out. Any surgeries performed or changed in medication must be made known to us immediately.

3. Please let us know as early as possible if the student will not be at the lesson. After two unexcused absences, the student will be dropped from the program.

4. Please do not be late. Once all students are mounted and class has started, no one else will be allowed to mount.

5. No one is allowed in the arena without permission. Check with the instructor before taking pictures.

6. Siblings must be with an adult at all times. Siblings are not allowed to ride. After the sibling has received permission for their presence in the arena, sibling children must remain quiet and seated during lessons.

7. Unless permission is requested and obtained from the therapeutic riding program director, a rider's parents, guardian, supervisor, or siblings may not stay in the arena during lessons. They should, however, remain on the grounds. The instructor may request that the parent/guardian/supervisor leave the arena area.

8. Please do not talk with riders while they are in their lesson.

9.  The UNH Barn is open to the public 8 am to 5 pm 7 days a week. 

Please visit the horses but no hand-feeding.