Isobel (Izzy) Michaud (‘21G)

Isobel Michaud

Biological Sciences: Agricultural Sciences - MS

I am a graduate research assistant working in the Plant Pathology Lab under Dr. Anissa Poleatewich. My research, which is supported by a grant from the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station (NHAES),focuses on the interaction between greenhouse production factors (light, heating, nutrient inputs, etc.), microbes (bacteria, fungi, oomycetes) and crops.

Prior to joining the Poleatewich Lab in 2019, I earned BA degrees in biology and environmental studies at Luther College. I spent the last year employed as a high school science, math, and English tutor and have also interned on farms (small diversified farms, greenhouses, a mushroom farm, an apple orchard, and a blueberry farm) in Springvale, Maine. Outside of UNH, I work for the Acton-Wakefield Watersheds Alliance (AWWA), a non-profit dedicated to protecting the Acton-Wakefield Lakes Region.

A Midwest transplant (think infinite corn and soy), I love New Hampshire for its forests, hills, lakes, and ocean. When I’m not in class or in the lab, you can find me trail running, writing, or reading in my hammock.