Financial Aid

Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences with Dietetic Internship

For more information on the status of financial aid eligibility, please contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information (862-3600) or visit the graduate school website

In addition, we have letters available upon request that document your full-time status with the MSDI.  Please contact Celeste Dietterle-(603) 862-2130 or you will need a copy of these letters.

You will have these letters available to send to any lenders requesting them.  In the past, many Interns have gotten letters from us, presented them to their lenders, and have either had loans deferred or have been able to arrange for assistance.   If you do secure a loan, please enroll in your graduate courses early so you appear as an UNH student.  Enrolling later in the course enrollment period may put you at risk for losing your loan funds.