College Health and Nutrition Assessment Survey


    College Health and Nutrition Assessment Survey (CHANAS)

    Who participates in CHANAS?

    UNH students (18-24 years old) are recruited from the introductory nutrition course (Nutrition in Health & Well Being – NUTR 400) at the Durham campus. As this large general education course enrolls approximately 900 students annually, it is estimated that 35-40% of all UNH students will participate in CHANAS prior to graduation.

    All activities and methods are explained and each participant grants consent before data is collected.  The use of human subjects in the CHANAS project has been approved by UNH's Institutional Review Board for the Protection of Human Subjects (#3329, #5524).

    What data does CHANAS collect?

    The confidential data (from each participant is added to a database) include:

    • Anthropometrics such as height, weight, and body composition
    • Biochemical such as cholesterol levels and blood glucose
    • Clinical data such as blood pressure and health history
    • Dietary information via a three-day food record
    • Fitness level through field tests of endurance, strength, and flexibility

    Who directs the CHANAS project?

    CHANAS is directed by UNH faculty and students of the Nutrition Program, housed in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Biomedical Sciences. In addition, faculty and students from the Kinesiology Department provide their expertise for the Fitness Assessment.

    What we have learned from CHANAS?

    CHANAS is an on-going project and we learn more each day! To date, findings suggest:

    • Approximately one-third of UNH students are overweight/obese (roughly half of men and one-quarter of women)
    • More than 90% of UNH students report being nonsmokers
    • More than half of UNH students (both men and women) report at least one episode of binge drinking in the past two weeks
    • 10% of male and 3% of female students meet the clinical definition of the metabolic syndrome
    • Two-thirds of UNH students report a known family history of cancer; half of students report a known family history of heart disease


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