IDA Team Biographies

Sarah Savarese

Senior, Equine Science
Lower Training

“I’m Sarah Savarese and I’m a senior equine science major. I evented for roughly 7 years and have been doing dressage-only for 4 years (but want to get back into jumping!). This year on the team I hope to improve my seat in the saddle, but also spend more time with my teammates outside of practice.”


Julianna Olcott

Sophomore, English Teaching
Upper Training

“This is my first semester here as I transferred from a community college. I couldn't be more excited to spend my first year here on the dressage team riding at the Upper Training level. I've been fortunate enough to have been riding for 14 years, 7 of which I've spent Eventing. I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge of dressage all while being a part of a team and meeting new people!”


Carley Weber

Freshman, Equine Science

“I originally did hunter jumpers until I was about 12, but we moved to Massachusetts and I started dressage and loved it! I’ve mostly been riding at a backyard barn that applies the main principles of dressage but none of the showing aspects. The horses there are all rescues so we use dressage to re-train them and work with their disabilities. This year on the team I’m just hoping to be able experience dressage as a whole instead of just scraping the surface like I had been at my last barn.”


Danshu Li

Junior, Equine Therapeutic Riding

“I used to jump for 6 years and then switched to dressage.
My goal for this year is to improve accuracy and work more on bend. Also I hope to make more contribution to the team.”


Mackenzie DelVecchio

Senior, Equine Therapeutic Riding and English
First Level

“Riding has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up I had horses in my back yard as my parents had ridden and trained horses before I came around. I have made dressage my main focus because I love the harmony of the horse and rider. I love this sport and hope to continue improving my abilities after graduating from UNH this year.
My favorite part of riding on the IDA team is being able to turn dressage into a team sport. Dressage is usually an individual sport so it is wonderful to have the opportunity to work together as a team towards a common goal and support each other through all the ups and downs. I hope this year we can form a strong sense of family as we progress through the season together."


Ryann Terwilliger

Sophomore, Equine Industry and Management
Lower Training

"I am a Sophomore transfer student majoring in Equine Industry and Management. I have been riding for 15 years, and have competed in Dressage, Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Eventing, and even Vaulting! I have worked with thoroughbreds on and off the track, where I found my passion for the breed. After riding in my previous University's IDA and IHSA teams, I decided to focus on my Dressage, which I am more passionate about. I look forward to learning as much as I can, and not only improving my overall effectiveness as a rider, but building relationships and being a part of such a wonderful team, both in and out of the saddle."


Emily Winfrey

Junior, Biomedical Science/ Pre-vet

“I started out with hunter/jumpers but most recently my background is dressage and eventing. I'm currently leasing a wonderful Oldenburg mare named Georgie, who is actually owned by my teammate, Ally. I'm so excited to be riding for UNH this year and am most looking forward to the team atmosphere and riding a variety of horses so I can continue to improve as a rider."


Sian Mooney

Junior, Equine Science
Upper Training

“My name is Sian Mooney, I am a junior, and equine science major. I am in Upper Training.
I grew up riding hunter jumper, competing in 4-H and USHJA affiliate shows. I first rode dressage second semester freshman year, and fell in love with it! I can't wait to practice and compete with my teammates, since I was abroad riding in New Zealand last semester.”


Katie Kelley

Sophomore, Neuroscience and Behavior

“I’ve been riding for 12 years as hunt seat and hunter/jumper. I was a working student before coming to college and loved working with a variety of different horses. I thought it’d be fun to try something new and tryout for the IDA team! This year I want to focus on adjusting to any situation at shows and being part of a team. I’m really excited for this year and to see what happens!“


Carrigan Drake

Sophomore, Equine Science
Upper Training

“I have been riding for 13 years. I started out taking dressage lessons at a private barn in Georgia and a few years later I got my first horse, Tally, from that barn. Then once I got to high school I joined my high school’s IEA team. I also do eventing with my horse. I am so excited to get to know everyone and keep expanding my riding experience by being on the IDA team!”


Ally Knoll

Senior, Equine Industry and Management
First Level

“I joined the IDA team to meet like minded people and compete in the sport I love in a team setting and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have met the most wonderful riders, had so many fun memories, and worked with some incredible horses. I’ve been riding for a long time and am 100% a DQ in the making. I am currently working on finishing my Bronze Medal and this year on the team I want to work on my position and spend more time with my lovely teammates outside of practices and shows :)”


Marny Stivers

Junior, Equine Industry and Management
Upper Training

“I've been riding for 5 years now and I made the IDA team as a Freshman in the Lower Training level. Joining the team was hands down the best choice I have ever made, and my teammates have become my best friends and my biggest support system both inside and outside of riding. This year I'm really just hoping to get back into showing with a positive mindset and help all of the other riders have an amazing experience along with me. I'm really looking forward to seeing where this year takes us!”


Victoria Tenaglia

Sophomore, Marketing
First Level

“I'm a marketing major in the Paul College. This is my second year on the team, I am competing as a first level rider on the team. I have been riding for about 15 years now in the discipline of dressage, I am actively trying to finish earning bronze medal. My goals this year are to help my team qualify for nationals and meet Charlotte Dujardin at the NEDA symposium! I can’t wait to spend the year with my second family and work with so many new members and horses!”


Cameron Mater

Freshman, Equine Studies and Psychology

“I've loved horses since I was little, but it wasn't until I was 11 that I found the Los Angeles Equestrian Center and was able to begin riding. I worked and rode at a barn there for 7 years before coming to UNH. I've mainly done jumping, but I showed in dressage a few times too. Aside from riding, I've also done volunteer work with rescue horses and therapeutic riding. My ultimate goal is to become an equine-assisted psychotherapist. I'm really excited to have the chance to expand my riding into more dressage and to work with a team!”


Cloe Hughes

Sophomore, Equine Industry and Management
Lower Training

“So excited to see what the year will bring our team. I can't wait to get to know all the new members. So honored to be a part of the IDA family”


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