Career Paths

CAN-careersCulinary Arts

In addition to the traditional roles as entry-level chefs, graduates of the Culinary Arts concentration may find career opportunities as:

  • Full Service Restaurants - Overseeing the kitchen and cooking for restaurant patrons.
  • Food and Beverage Managers in restaurants
  • Hotels - Many hotels have dining rooms and restaurants.
  • Culinary Educators for colleges and culinary schools
  • Research and Development for manufacturers developing new foods or product lines
  • Hospitals, Retirement Centers, Corporations as chefs
  • Personal chef for individuals or families.
  • Food Critics and Writers for magazines or news organizations
  • Food Stylists for magazines, books, catalogs and advertising.

Dietetic Technician

Dietetic Technicians, registered, work independently or as a team member under the supervision of registered dietitians in a variety of employment settings, including health care, business and industry, community/public health, foodservice and research.

Many work environments require that an individual be credentialed as a Dietetic Technician Registered:

  • Hospitals, HMOs, clinics, nursing homes, retirement centers, hospices, home health-care programs and research facilities helping to treat and prevent disease by conducting screens, gathering data and performing other tasks to assist the registered dietitian in providing medical nutrition therapy as an important part of health-care teams.
  • Schools, day-care centers, correctional facilities, restaurants, health-care facilities, corporations and hospitals, managing employees, purchasing and food preparation and preparing budgets within foodservice operations.
  • Women, infant, children (WIC) programs, public health agencies, Meals on Wheels and community health programs, developing and teaching nutrition classes for the public.
  • Health clubs, weight management clinics and community wellness centers, helping to educate clients about the connection between food, fitness and health.
  • Food companies, contract food management companies or food vending and distributing operations developing menus, overseeing foodservice sanitation and food safety and preparing food labeling information and nutrient analysis

Food & Beverage Management

  • Restaurant Owner
  • General Manager
  • Food and beverage Director or Front-of-the-house manager for hotels, private clubs, catering and banquet facilities, corporate chains and health care facilities.