Animal Agriculture


Globally, farm animals far outnumber pets. Managing and keeping these farm animals healthy is a big business. Providing animal protein for people locally, nationally and worldwide offers endless opportunities for students who like to work with animals used in agriculture.

The Animal Agriculture program at UNH’s Thompson School offers students the chance to build a firm foundation in the science and business of raising farm animals. The most common farm animals are cattle, sheep, goats, swine, and poultry, but there are many other animals used in agriculture. Students go from handling farm animals during the first week of classes to learning how to properly feed and care for them by maximizing our feed resources from New England, as well as ensuring their biosecurity and management as breeding animals.

Animal Agriculture in the Northeast is dominated by the dairy industry, which is a highly technical field that requires employees, managers, and support staff to be experienced in many aspects of dairy farm operation and management. UNH has two dairy farms for students to use as part of their education. Choosing Animal Agriculture will prepare students for the dairy industry’s rapidly evolving challenges and opportunities. If you are interested in dairy cattle, the CREAM (Cooperative Real Education in Agricultural Management), students collectively manage the UNH dairy herd, which produces 100,000 gallons of milk a year.

The Animal Agriculture concentration is flexible enough in that it allows students to prepare for careers directly on the farm, or for careers in related businesses. We want students to find their own niche in this important industry.

  • Herdspersons
  • Farm Managers
  • Crop Managers
  • Sales
  • Service Employees
  • Agricultural Information and Research Technicians

Questions? Contact:

Laurie Chapman-Bosco, M.O.E., PAS

Professor and Program Chair of Applied Animal Science
Barton Hall Rm 133
Durham, NH 03824