• Researchers with the NH Agricultural Experiment Station have found that the economically valuable eastern white pine thrives when the invasive glossy buckthorn shrub is actively managed in New Hampshire forests. Learn More
  • Lesley Atwood, a doctoral candidate in agroecology at the University of New Hampshire, will discuss the opportunities and unintended consequences of managing agricultural soil food webs at NOFA-NH Winter Conference, Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017. Learn More
  • Some bat populations in North America appear to have developed resistance to the deadly fungal disease known as white-nose syndrome. Researchers from the University of New Hampshire analyzed infection data and population trends of the little brown bat in the eastern United States and found that persisting populations long exposed to the disease had much lower fungal infection levels at the end of winter than bat populations that were still declining and only recently exposed. Learn More
  • As the global climate warms, will soil respiration rates increase, adding even more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and accelerating climate change? Learn More
  • New Hampshire is a pretty good place to live if you are a bobcat. And understanding how well bobcats move around the state within different habitats – called landscape connectivity – is critical to managing the state’s wildlife resources over the long term. Learn More

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As the university's original research organization, the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station is a world-class research facility that has remained an elemental component of New Hampshire's land-grant university heritage and mission since 1887. We steward federal and state funding to provide unbiased and objective research on diverse aspects of sustainable agriculture and foods, horticulture, forest management and related wildlife, the environment, natural resources, and quality of life topics. Our scientists manage more than 50 research projects at any one time, partner with state and regional farmers, growers, and producers, and collaborate with leading researchers worldwide to directly benefit New Hampshire and New England.

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The NH Agricultural Experiment Station maintains a firm commitment to equal opportunity of all stakeholders to access our programs, facilities, and information. We strongly encourage and welcome all people, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, veteran’s status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, marital status, or disability.