MCBS Graduate Student Profiles

MCBS Graduate Programs

Aiongzhuo Gao Biochemistry


Xiongzhuo Gao

Molecular Regulatory Mechanism of Photoreceptor phosphodiesterase (PDE6)


Krist Hausken

Regulation and functional dynamics of glycoprotein hormone signaling from the perspective of a basal vertebrate, the sea lamprey


Nicole Jaskiewicz Biochemistry


Nicole Jaskiewicz

O-linked β-N-acetylglucosaminylation


John McLarney Biochemistry

John McLarney

Protein Acyltransferase14 (PAT14) targets in Arabidopsis thaliana


Kevin Schuster Biochemistry

Kevin Schuster

The biological consequences of disrupting nematode PDE activity and PDE pharmacology



Ian Ster Biochemistry

Ian Ster

Host-Microbe Interactions, Hybrid-histidine Kinase Phosphorelay Systems 


yuxin zhou

Yuxin Zhou

Neuronal Primary Cilia, cAMP Signaling, Brain Ciliopathies


RadhikaBartaula Genetics

Radhika Bartaula

Identification and characterization of genetic mechanisms of resistance to wheat stem and stripe rust (Puccinia spp.) in the alternate host barberry (Berberis spp.)


Evan DaSilava Genetics

Evan DaSilva

Host-Microbe Interactions



Andrew Land Genetics

Andrew Lang

The Neurogenetic Basis of Parental Care



nathaniel ennis

Nathaniel Ennis

Taxonomic and Functional Characterization of Stone-Dwelling Bacterial Communities Using Megagenomics


Derek Rothenheber

  Derek Rothenheber

   Microrobial source tracking fecal sources present in 
   coastal watersheds and how different land-use may affect
   downstream water quality.  


Erik Swanson Microbiology

  Erik Swanson

  Bacterial Bioremediation; symbiosis


Devon O'Rourke MESB

Devon O'Rourke

Pest management strategies using bat guano as invasive species surveillance tool.

Microbial evolution and genomics of Brucella species.


richa gupta

  Richa Gupta