• David Plachetzki's research involving cnidarians is making important contributions to our understanding of complex trait evolution in marine invertebrates. Learn More
  • The students in Estelle Hrabak’s Genetics Lab course have been growing plants from seed only to freeze their leaves and grind them into powder with a mortar and pestle. Learn More
  • Matt MacManes is an evolutionary biologist working at the intersection of genomics, field biology, and evolutionary biology.  Learn More
  • genetics rabbits
    Analyzing rabbit pellets wouldn't be the perfect summer job for everyone, but for this sophomore genetics major, it's A-OK. Learn More

What's great about the UNH Genetics Program?

  • New major focusing on one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of biology
  • Hands-on experience from laboratory courses in genetics, genomics, and molecular biology
  • Students from CT, MA and RI may qualify for reduced tuition from the New England Regional Student Program
  • Preparation for careers in research, teaching, forensics, genetic counseling, and many more
  • Appropriate major for students interested in graduate school, medical school, dental school, or physician assistant programs
  • Many opportunities to do research in faculty laboratories and present research at scientific conferences on- and off-campus