Thomas M Davis, Ph.D.

Thomas M Davis, Ph.D.


My research is concerned with the genetic analysis and manipulation of economically important plants, with current emphasis on strawberry and mint. We are using a combination of conventional, molecular, and cytogenetic techniques to construct a strawberry genome map, to compare genome structures among strawberry (Fragaria)species, and to trace the evolutionary history of the strawberry. We are also identifying, cloning, and characterizing genes controlling economically important traits such as disease resistance, photoperiod sensitivity, and fruit color. The development of new types of molecular markers useful for plant genome mapping and phylogenetic investigations is also an important focus.

Representative Publications

Sargent D, Davis TM, Tobutt K, Wilkinson M, Battey N, Simpson D. 2004. A genetic linkage map of microsatellite, gene specific and morphological markers in diploid Fragaria. TAG 109:1385-1391.

Vining KJ, Zhang Q, Tucker AO, Smith C, and Davis TM. 2005. Mentha longifolia (L.) L. : A model species for mint genetic research. HortScience. 40:1225-1229.

Davis TM , Denoyes-Rothan B, and Lerceteau-Kohler E. 2006. Strawberry. In: Kole C (ed) Genome Mapping & Molecular Breeding in Plants IV: Fruits and Nuts. Springer, Heidelberg, Berlin, New York.

Davis TM, DiMeglio LM, Yang R, Styan SMN, and Lewers KS. 2006. Assessment of SSR marker transfer from the cultivated strawberry to diploid strawberry species: functionality, linkage group assignment, and use in diversity analysis. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 131:506-512.

Folta KM and Davis TM. 2006. Strawberry genes and genomes. Crit. Rev. Plant Sci. 25:399-415.

Vining KJ, Zhang Q, Smith CA, Davis TM. 2007. Identification of resistance gene analogs and verticillium resistance-like sequences in Mentha longifolia. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 132(4):1-10.

Davis TM, Folta KM, Shields ME, and Zhang Q. Gene pair markers: an innovative tool for comparative linkage mapping. Proceedings, North American Strawberry Symposium. February 9-12, Ventura, California. (accepted).

Tom Davis
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