Zoology Minor

The Zoology minor consists of five courses, one of which must be either Biology of Animals (ZOOL 412) or the sequence of Intro Biology: Molecular and Cellular and Intro Biology: Evolution, Biodiversity and Ecology (BIOL 411/412) (the two-course sequence would count as only one of the five courses required for the minor).  The other four courses can be chosen from the following:

  • Any Zoology course except Professional Perspectives in Zoology (ZOOL 400) or Human Biology (ZOOL 401)
  • General Ecology (BIOL 541), Principles of Genetics (GEN 604), Eukaryotic Cell and Development Biology (BMCB 605), or Anatomy and Physiology (BMS 507/508)

In the case of COLSA students, two courses in the major may be used in the minor, as long as they are from the courses listed above.


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